Kieran Melroe
a poet by the sea

Kieran's Notes
Juno has undergone more modifications, major revisions and voltage changes than any other gun I own. This was origionally my second Primary-Gun modification project. It is the gun pictured in this write-up. I have since put it through 2 major revisions and repaints. It remains my favorite ranged gun in my collection. It was retired on 3m0101114d1.

"Juno" 4.0

Juno now has a gunblade! Glade is all Open-cell foam, which is extremely lightweight. I also remade the drum enclosure so it just has a 6-dart-wide reloading port and no moving parts.

Status: Retired. Used on special occasions.

"Juno" 3.0

On 3m0100823, Juno underwent a major repaint and body work. Repaint and relief was done by Jade

Mark of Chaos: The silver/black mark of chaos was replaced with a 3D sculpted relief of the mark of chaos, intricately painted and detailed.

Paint: The body was repainted from monotone copper to multitone gold.

User Interface: The foam grip was resculpted. The length of the shoulder strap was ajusted such that it can be perfectly wrapped around my wrist. When wrapped in this way, the burden of holding the gun is transferred to my elbow and wrist (instead of my finger joints).




"Juno" 2.0

- Pistol Conversion
(removed barrel and butt stock)
- 33% Voltage Increase
(switched from 3xAA to 4xAAA)
- Foam Padded Handle
(sculpted for left hand)
- Better on/off button:
placed within reach of thumb
- Fully Enclosed Ammo Drum - Sweet Paint job
Drum Enclosure: The main problem with stock semiauto T20's is that when tilted down, loaded darts tend to fall out of the gun or cause jams. This enclosure completely eliminates that problem. The enclosure is made from a blank DVD spool case, and some other custom-fitted plastic pieces. The front panel is held in place by a velcro strap, allowing it to be flipped up for reloading.


"Juno" 1.0

Kieran's Notes
Shortly after doing the pistol minimization on Juno, I detailed it with a silver marker and black sharpie. Juno stayed like this without further modification for many months.
Mods: Pistol Minimization, 9v overclock, painted, detailed


"Juno" 0.5

Kieran's Notes
After making Stumpy, I painted Juno without modding it. I even used juno in a few engagements like this, before deciding to have it undergo the pistol transformation.
Mods: Painted copper.

Status: Retired. Used on special occasions.